Random Selection, 2016

artbook, self publishing
design: Emilia Obrzut/Obszar Roboczy
***many thanks ***
Random Selection page by page on vimeo
First edition consists of 18 copies.
The book is available for preorder. For more information please email.
photos of the photobook: Max Zieliński&Eliza Dunajska

among 10 best publications of the year at culture.pl

The place where you are is always the centre of the plain superficial horizon
John Davis, The second book of Seaman’s secrets, 1594.

Random selection is a default storytelling of jet set generation. This book plays with the idea of intimate travel journal* and interactive blog at the same time. It is a story about a journey with its visual itinerary stored on tumblr and texts collected on personal devices while online. It reflects a state of a limbo of online/offline where physical and metaphorical mobility leads to the embrace of the sensual. Spirituality mutates into exotification, a fantasy of tropical or far north journey, interpreted by ephemeric and ever-changing Internet interface. It strongly refers to Internet aesthetics. The main design goal was to convey all pros and cons of interactive media like responsiveness, cropped images, hyperlinks, non-linear storyline, image loading, photo filters. The basis of the layout was created by using feed of tagged images, that were later modified whenever necessary. The layout was determined by the algorithm. The physical book has impact on its digital references as well - by using new image collection and links, found only in the book. Both the book and the tumblr blog are considered an open form and the authors plan to reedit some of its elements in forthcoming editions. 

*The travel included Central America, US and Iceland due to artist residencies that Buczek undertook in the years of 2013-2016.
*Random selection is an immersive project floating amongst mediums such as photography, video, performance and Internet-based art. Shifting is a natural state of human perception, transformed through personal devices and numerous Internet platforms creating multiply versions and codes of reality, enhancing its presence. It forms an interrupted set of overlapping narratives with its default chronologies. 


Random Selection page by page on vimeo
tumblr - where it started and still goes on
Random Selection - slam performance
Random Selection - multimedia installation
This is how it looks in a gallery space

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