Slow Download, 2017
site-specific multimedia installation at Doomed Gallery Dalston, London, UK
incl. GIF, photography, animation, audio, foam, silicon, foil, fabrics, tire
animation edited by Michał Borowski
installation along with the show SO WHAT I Poland curated by Fresh from Poland

SLOW DOWNLOAD exposes an onlooker to the processes that shape our routine way of looking at things.  A delayed data transfer makes the presentation of a still image a time-based experience.  A viewer’s perspective is defined by the mechanical and repetitive act of scrolling. The surface of the screens that surrounds us activates the underestimated sense of touch. One is not encouraged to focus on a particular image or moment as variation is part of the ordeal. The online and offline pendulum activates the senses and challenges an established idea of image and text materiality. The use of broken English works like cracks and smudges on the surface of a frequently used smartphone. Reality is less pure yet more authentic.

A story of a jet-set generation stuck between offline and online. As close to a tropical fantasy as to a far-north journey, this narration is fuelled with gifs and Instagram-enhanced colors. By playing with blunder and indiscretion, Buczek creates an intimate journal that one wants to log into and repost.

photo credits: Fresh From Poland.

Slow Download, installation view, Doomed Gallery

Slow Download, exhibition view. On the right works at SO WHAT I Poland show.

Selflush, GIF animation, installation view at Doomed Gallery entrance

Slow Download, installation view at the opening at Doomed Gallery

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