repetitive performance

5 big fromat 50x70cm diasec photos of each performance (so far 15 in total), 

looped video with divided screen, archives. 
Video edition by Michał Jankowski.

2009 and ongoing

a part of "The sea" show at MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, 2016

LIDO is a public and private action repeated every two years by a group of friends. 
They gather on the Lido beach, opposite to Hotel des Bains, a scenery from  Mann’s “Death in venice”. With our party dresses on we walk into the sea until we disappear under water. The action is filmed and afterwards followed with spontaneous photoshooting. The place, time of the day and costumes are more or less the same.  As a chronological project, stretched in time, it tracks changes of ourselves and the world around us. 
It is also a joke out of the location and its cultural heritage and refers to Nixon’s Brown sisters, however, unlike the original, there is no voyeur behind the camera, apart from accidental audience and every participant is equal. This is a fantasy about change and being watched, wet and photographed.

For video and performance documentation please e-mail.

LIDO, The Sea, group show,exhibition view, MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow, 20th Oct.Photo credit: Justyna Smolen

Postproduction of photos and video sponsored by Allianz.

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