Justina is

mixed media installation incl 5 cylindrical paper objects 30x15cm, fpund footage objects and photography and wall projection

solo show @ Lódz Art Center, 2010

The Mirror Room invited all who walked through it 
to survey themselves as an infinite image.

JUSTINA is a sequel.A mixed media  long-term project devoted to artist's cousin, Justina. The protagonist is an international party girl based in London, a habitué of night clubs of London, Ibiza, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Florence. Each part of the project attempts to archive and mediate the persona she has become.Her reports, photos and videos compose a unique journal of her adventures and our friendship but, most of all, it is a testimony of her vital energy, sex appeal and glamour against all adversities. The photoshoot of Justina took place in SHOWstudio's Mirror Room while Fashion Revolution show at Somerset House in London. Her multiplied figure has got animated in motion in circular light objects. Her Fb statuses were projected on a LED stream. Her private videos were displayed in a darkroom corridor.

Exhibited at "All my loving" Fotofestival Łódź 2010

press - Contemporary Lynx
press - Wysokie Obcasy
press - Self Publish Be Happy

Other episodes of JUSTINA:
artbook - English version

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