I wish everyday could be like Christmas
performance, video, 2,44' and looped, high volume of sound.
2014 Quintana Roo, Mexico

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An illegal trespassing on a private beach of Mexican Carribean at Rivera Maya coastline, a popular destination for North American tourists and springbreakers. The beach is forbidden to access by local inhabitants though. Crushing a piñata filled with traditional fillings and items that symbolise popular image of dangerous Mexico among tourists: guns, snakes, scorpios. The video is looped so that the piñata is never empty and the ejaculation of tropical fantasy is infinitive.

All I want is chill with my friends by the swimming pools.
SOS - SOS - SOS - SOS (4)
If you are listening to this in a hot country.
I'll bring my friends we're just about twenty.
If you got a swimming pool, then we can be hanging (2)
Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools


Soon there'll be toys for good girls and boys
And reindeer are heading our way
Yes, and Santa will come down the chimney above
There's one thing I wanted to say
I wish every day could be, full of peace and harmony
I wish every day could be like Christmas, I do

Bon Jovi

I wish everyday could be like Christmas, 2016, exhibition view at Visual Spa, Matosek/Niezgoda, Warsaw

I wish everyday could be like Christmas, 2016, exhibition view at Visual Spa, Matosek/Niezgoda, Warsaw.
Below: I wish everything could be like Christmas, 2014, digital collage documentation, variable size

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