Amatorska art space, London, 2015

poster, desk with numerous personal objects, a laptop, a mirror, plastic sticker-eyes,
sea waves sound generator, notebook, TV screen, WIFI.
length: approx 4 hrs

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A one-day immersive performance/installation where house-guests/visitors are invited to participate. By mixing traditionally private versus public behaviour the artist invites members of the public to interweave their personal narratives into the tissue of the show. Drawing on numerous references from the TV series Wild Palms to David Lynch’s Lost Highway and Luc Besson's Lucy, she questions what really happens when the sensual becomes virtual and how the virtual goes visual. Among the palm trees blowing in the wind, the artist’s body will become a stream of bits in the service of communication. Just hating, only jerking, big mouthing and multitasking.

selected posts from the performance archives

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