Colorless green ideas sleep furiously, 2017
at Figure Four / Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle, UK
performative workshop on collaborative writing
led by Kati Karki
along with Magda Buczek, Jude Browning, Kersti Hendry, Jake Watts

Kati Karki brings together five artists and writers to occupy the gallery space daily to explore collective ways of writing publicly. They begin with a Noam Chomsky sentence ‘Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously’. Grammatically correct yet holding no obvious understandable meaning, the sentence sends them on a journey to follow a methodology of paradox and test ideas between sense and nonsense. With a focus on the excess that is produced from misunderstanding, they aim to explore the strengths of the ‘non’ or the ‘mis’ in sense-making and collectiveness.

the body of text to be found here.
video documentation for The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts is here.

Below: photo documentation of the project.

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