Almond/Nude/Ghost, 2014-2016

drawings, marker on paper, variable sizes

Drawings from nature defined as firsthand experience of reality. In this case: window view, selfies displayed on laptop and internal human organs felt inside. Fantasy about grounding. Molotow vs Graph. View vs screen. Outside vs inside. Play vs practice.

Lap from a perspective of a drone, out of Almond/Nude/Ghost, 2014, marker on paper, 15x21cm

Doubler, diptych, out of Almond/Nude/Ghost, 2015, marker on paper, 2x 15x21cm

Selfie in the sun reverted, out of Almond/Nude/Ghost, 2015, marker on paper, 15x21cm

This is how I look in a safety helmet, out of Almond/Nude/Ghost, 2016, marker on paper, 15x21cm

Selfsnicking reverted, out of Almond/Nude/Ghost, 2016, marker on paper, 15x21cm

Human paw, out of Almond/Nude/Ghost, 2015, marker on paper, 15x21cm

Sketchbook detail, out of Almond/Nude/Ghost, 2016, marker on paper, 10x15cm

Fingertalk, out of Almond/Nude/Ghost, 2015, diptych, marker on paper, 2x 15x21cm

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